The science behind our email designs

We all know it’s what inside that counts, but with email marketing newsletters, content is only one of the key players. Presentation is another. Making sure email copy is easy-to-digest and appealing is the easiest way to ensure a high ROI for each email campaign.

Here at Winbox, we’ve spent a long time perfecting our email campaign model. Here’s how our inverted pyramid model works, and why you need to use it.

The inverted pyramid model

Technically it’s a triangle, but still — the “inverted pyramid model” is the cornerstone of our campaign success for clients. This model relies on laying out copy in a specific way, drawing readers’ eyes from the headline, through body text which imparts information, before landing on a final point at the bottom. By eliminating all other distractions from your email, it becomes more streamlined and effective.

To get the most clicks out of the inverted pyramid model, make sure the final point is a call to action. Include a hyperlink, and phrase it so that it emphasises a benefit to readers. Here’s an example from an email we wrote for Prolific Solutions:

everal elements are at play here to create an effective call to action.

Firstly, the title invites curiosity by asking a question. It is also indicative of a list-based blog post (or “listicle”), which have proven to be very popular with our own email campaigns. The copy underneath the image provides an explanation of what the article contains, and is snappy enough to compel readers to skim through it. Finally, the copy on the call-to-action button at the bottom shifts the focus away from clicking on a link. Instead, it emphasises the benefit we’re offering to the reader (i.e. making them more productive at work).

A triangular shape — with the headline taking up the most width, and the call-to-action the least — is crucial in bringing attention to the link. Structuring the elements of an email campaign this way draws in people who are scanning the email and makes readers more likely to follow your instructions and click on the link.

Making the most of your emails

The point of the pyramid is that the content at the point — the CTA — is the most important. Therefore, you want to be drawing attention to the button as opposed to detracting from it.

There are two easy ways to make your email campaign more attention-grabbing. The first is to use an interesting, relevant image. Humans process pictures 60,000 times faster than text, making them easy to understand if you are scrolling past. Successfully integrating relevant images into your email copy makes it more attention-grabbing as people remember information accompanied by images over six times better.

The second way to boost email campaign engagement is by including videos. Replacing the relevant image with a short video can be an even easier way to pull in potential readers. It makes campaigns more interactive and grabbing attention with the video increases the probability people will click on the CTA to find out more.

With a Winbox design, you can be sure that your reader’s attention is focused where it needs to be. By eliminating unnecessary content, using appealing visuals and shaping each segment into an inverted pyramid, your email campaigns can persuade even the most devout skim-readers to click on your enticing links.

For more email insight, check out our ideal campaign guide, as well as our expert do’s and don’t’s. For one-on-one email support, contact

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