What you can learn about your customers from email marketing

Email campaigns are a great way to engage with customers and develop a relationship with prospects. A regular, targeted feed of relevant and useful information works really well in the B2B environment. Although creative planning and implementation takes time, email marketing provides valuable audience insight which can be used to create better content and results. Here’s what you can learn about your customers from email campaign data:

1. Your most active customer groups

Once an email campaign has run, it’s time to analyse the data. If three or four emails have been sent, look at the individual statistics and compile a top level summary of all. Click data provides the best insight, because anyone can ‘open’ an email but a click suggests interest in the content. Within the click data, the identity of the customer should be evident as it links back to the data list. If a customer has clicked multiple links in a single email or across the campaign, it suggests they are very interested. From this analysis, it should be possible to group warm leads (most active) and assess any patterns between the customer type and their interest in the campaign.

2. The winning content

Every email has to work hard to grab people’s attention and this comes down to great content. The initial planning for the campaign should have identified a strong message which will appeal to the target audience. Response to content can still throw up surprises, even after meticulous planning, which is why it’s important to learn from every campaign. Click data is the most important measure because it highlights which link lead has been the most successful. If the link transfers customers to a landing page, it is also possible to see how many people stayed on the page and how long for. These are all indicators of winning content.

3. The disengaged

It’s sad to see a number of unsubscribes from an email campaign but this is still valuable information. Investigate customer history and ascertain if this is a significant loss or natural drop-off from inactive customers.

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