Why quantity is as important as quality for email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep in regular contact with your customers. The ability to personalise and target content enables engagement with a large number of people for a relatively low spend. For email communication to be effective long term, every single message should provide value for the recipient. If the data is clean and the message relevant, no email should ever find itself in the junk folder.

Whilst the quality of the content delivered via email is important, it is also vital to get the quantity of emails right. Here are 3 ways to work with the numbers:

1) Tease with your content

Once you have an idea for your email communication, it may be hard to visualise how it could work across a number of emails. A simple way to break it down is to deliver the full message through a series of short teasers that build to a finale. Adding a bit of intrigue really helps to boost engagement. Each email should contain consistent elements (such as imagery) which will help customers to make the link.

2) Vary the call to action

Over a series of emails you can afford to start soft and then create a sense of urgency. The first email may just offer links to further information (e.g. Read More) with subsequent emails demanding action (e.g. Shop Now). This technique takes people on a journey so they don’t feel rushed or harassed.

3) Test your audience

The best way to get the frequency of emails just right for your customers is to test them. For your next email campaign, extend the theme across 4 or 5 emails, each building on the message from the one before. Send them at a frequency you believe your customers will accept and measure the engagement throughout and at the end of the campaign. Try this a few times with different content and mix up release days and times before making too many assumptions.

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