12 gifs that describe working in the advertising design industry

1) When you check your inbox at the beginning of the day

2) When you realize your specs are entirely the wrong size

3) When the client tells you to make changes and you do. Then they want it changed to how it was before.

4) When you work all night on a pitch and find out someone else already pitched that idea

5) When you run out of coffee in the middle of the afternoon

6) When you forget to charge your laptop before a meeting

7) When your boss tells you they need a project done, but doesn’t tell you any more information

8) When you finally get home from working on a late night deadline

9) When there’s a really bad connection on your conference call

10) When your Photoshop closes and doesn’t save your work

11) When a client says “that’s easy to do, right??”

12) When you finally close the sale

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