How to Easily Unclog Your Sink

It’s not only just leaks that can cause you trouble, Your sinks can be clogged up in several ways such as; oil/ grease washed down the drain, blockage by small particles and this can be so frustrating. The following are simple plumbing methods which you can use to unclog your sink drain when clogged:

The use of a plunger: this is a thin plumbing tool that can be used in clearing a clogged pipe by a suction mechanism.

The following steps are necessary to unclog the sink:

The use of hand gloves: this is to mainly prevent your hand from getting in contact with the dirt in the sink in case it gets messy.

The next step to take is to remove the pop-up drain by either unscrewing it or disconnecting it from the pivot, from the sink after which you lubricate the plunger’s bottom lip with a little petroleum jelly.

After rubbing the petroleum jelly, cover the drain with the plunger and run water into the sink to cover the lid of the plunger. This is mainly to get enough pressure for easy plunging off the drain.

Lastly, forcefully press the plunger downwards and release the plunger quickly to allow it come up. Repeat this over and over again till the clogs in the sink drain are entirely removed.

Safety precautions:

1. The use of hand gloves to avoid dirt making contact with your hand.

2. Make sure the plunger covers the drain totally to get enough pressure.

3. Avoid splashing of water from the sink.

The use of the plumber’s snake: A plumber’s snake is a long, thin, flexible plumbing tool with an auger at the end which mainly serves the purpose of clearing severe clogs that could not be easily removed with the aid of a plunger. The plumber’s snake can also be sometimes referred to as a toilet jack.

Take the following simple steps in utilizing a plumbers snake once you have one, to free your sink of clogs:

1. Get your thick gloves on as you would probably be making contact with debris after removing the plumber’s snake and get a bucket which you can use to pour away the debris after getting them out.

2. Hold your plumber’s snake firmly, insert the auger end of the plumbers snake into the drain and push it downwards till it makes contact with the blockage.

3. After the plumber’s snake makes contact with the obstruction, rotate the plumber’s snake downwards so that it can hold on to the clog. When there is resistance to the rotation, pull out the plumber’s snake gradually along with the clog.

4. Finally, you run water down the drain to remove other little particles which could have been dropped by the plumber’s snake.

Use of Chemical Drainers: after making use of a plunger and a plumbers snake, you can take advantage of the chemical drainers. Get a chemical drainer and follow the steps provided in the bottles.

How to prevent your sink from being clogged

1. Do not pour grease, chemicals, debris down the drain. In case some debris fall in, flushes them out with a lot of water.

2. Regularly pour a kettle of hot water into the sink to flush out particles.

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