Windrush + Keen IO, a data-driven love story.

Keen IO, an event tracking database, and Windrush, a platform for data-driven storytelling, have come together to help users harness the full power of their data.

We at Windrush have set out on a mission to give users a better way to tell their stories with data. With an affinity for big, open data sets, Keen is everything we dream of in a data source partner.

There are two sides of data, collection and presentation, both equally important.

Keen IO collects and stores data from users, websites, apps and smart devices. Windrush allows individuals and organizations to better communicate their data to others. Together the two provide data nerds the full suite to collect and tell the story behind their data.

Our first collaborative project ❤

Bitcoin caught the eye of Keen in 2014 given the large amount of open source data around the cryptocurrency. We were excited to see what powerful data collection and analytics paired with data-driven storytelling could do. The result, an in depth look at bitcoin, the good the bad and the ugly.

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What’s up with Bitcoin anyway?
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