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Windshield is a part of the car and it must be framed in a way which can support the structure of the car. Therefore, the bond of the windshield must be very strong in order to avoid any collateral damage in a situation of a windshield crack. If it is installed incorrectly, it may pop out under pressure and will not maintain the integrity of the vehicle in a rolling accident. In metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai the quality of adhesives used on the car glass is very high and it plays a very crucial role in case of an accident it reduces the chances of replacement.

To provide extra safety for your vehicle, examine the right adhesives and composition for bonding the windshield. A vast range of sealants and adhesives are available to repair different components of the car. One of the most well-known adhesive is Polyurethane adhesive, here are some key features that will help you understand the importance of this adhesive-

Polyurethane adhesives- These adhesives provide an extremely strong bonding. Even before the adhesive dries out and completely seals, the initial bond is strong enough that it clamps making the other types of securing instruments completely unnecessary. This makes manufacturing and construction processes both simpler and cheaper. Polyurethane adhesives and sealants are able to lock threads against loosening caused by heavy vibrations and loads. They help to distribute weights over the length of the bond, which effectively extends the life of the bond.

As per a particular industry Polyurethane adhesives can be customized to suit the requirements. The automotive industry typically uses polyurethane adhesives for car’s interiors and also to bond windshields. To make fiber board wood chips or sawdust can be mixed with polyurethane adhesives.

Polyurethane adhesives are usually very durable and flexible, and they also provide good impact resistance. The degree of resistance vary to heat and chemicals, as well as in the level of their bulk flexibility. These type of polyurethane adhesives are flame-resistant. As they can be used to seal fuel tanks and they are not damaged by prolonged periods of high temperatures.

Advantages of using the right adhesive on your windshield-

1) Safety — Urethane adhesives ensures specified performance standards for all models of vehicles. They conduct laboratory, impact, sled and crash tests to verify adhesion for all domestic and most foreign makes and models of vehicles.

2) Durability — It withstand long-term weather exposure to all climates. Products are exposure tested to heat, cold and salt.

3) It is imperative that the bond not only has a strong bond, but is also to bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions, from consistently high wind pressures to a wide range of temperatures.

There are ways through which one can test the quality of the adhesive.

Test of high quality adhesive- The quality of adhesives are mainly tested in extreme temperatures (hot and cold) so that it ensures proper bonding in place. These type of adhesives dry faster, so that the car can be ready within a “safe drive-away time.” The adhesives that are Inferior may not set as quickly, endangering the passengers and the drivers in case there is an accident immediately after installation. It is important to be sure the safe drive away time for installation, as it varies depending both on the type & quality of the adhesive as well as the number of airbags in your car. An expert will be familiar with and forthright about the products he or she is using.

Despite look and feel of the windshield, a relatively thin layer of adhesive, not tough metal hardware, actually holds the windshield in place. In many places like Gurgaon it is noticed that even without large cracks in the field of vision, abrasions and small chips will eventually require the replacement of the windshield glass.

A strong adhesive can hold up the windshield’s a lot of weight while withstanding wind, and other outside forces. In Mumbai the quality of adhesives is so strong that windshield technicians have to use heat and prying strength to remove the car glass during the repair or replacement process. According to them the overall shape and mounting angle influences the best adhesive for the installation.

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