Secure your car with genuine products: Glass & Adhesives

The number of cars on the road seems to be increasing every year with it now being regarded as more than just a transportation device. A status symbol or an explorer’s dream, cars have become a necessity in every home, with most homes now owning multiple cars. With so many vehicles on the road at all times, safety has become a paramount concern. And while seatbelts and airbags may offer some protection, using the right glass for the windshield and all around is critical to avoid passenger injury.

Glass fitting and repair is a crucial part of every automobile. A car, be it a high-end convertible, sedan or hatchback, consists largely of glass encased in metal all around. This glass needs to be of the right type and secured well to prevent any injuries during an unexpected crash or accident. A broken car glass can be extremely hazardous for the passengers inside and needs to be avoided at all costs. Cracks and chips on the windshield need to be either repaired or replaced with genuine products at the earliest to avoid problems.

One way of ensuring this is by getting your auto glass repair done from a trustworthy technician who uses genuine glass solutions and has the expertise for the right fitting. A genuine automotive glass would be made with adherence to the required specifications and cutting-edge technology, as compared to any other glass. In addition, the curvature and size of the glass would be designed in perfect harmony with your vehicle to avoid ill-fitting and risky solutions.

For instance, the windshield of the car can be a major cause for concern in case of accidents or natural disasters that may cause damage to the windshield. If the automotive glass repair is not carried out properly, it can severely injure the passengers.

Laminated glass solutions are perfect to use for the windshield and also very important for passenger safety. This type of glass consists of two glass sheets permanently bonded together with an interlayer (generally made of plastic) in between them. This adds to the durability and strength of the glass. In addition, in case of an accident or damage to the windshield, the glass doesn’t come apart but stays stuck to the interlayer, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Similarly, the side windows and rear windshield should also be repaired or replaced only with genuine glass solutions that have been processed and strengthened for added durability and safety. In addition, apart from safety, using genuine automotive glass solutions also offer certain added benefits. These can include insulation solutions that block out extreme heat and glare of the sun along with harmful UV and Infrared rays, keeping your car interiors cool and comfortable. Also, sound insulation is possible to reduce the constant exterior noise and enabling you to enjoy your drive in a relaxed and calm manner.

However, simply ensuring that the right type of glass is used to safeguard your car is not enough. The use of genuine adhesives is as critical to ensure that the glass is fitted correctly and can hold it in place even during the most uneven road drives and harsh weather conditions.

These automotive adhesive solutions are tested time and again with prime focus on their bonding ability and strength. Keep in mind that if the windshield is not fitted optimally, it can lead to cracks and leaks in the glass which would not only be risky while driving but also ruin your driving experience. In case the windshield of a car needs to be replaced, the car cannot be let out of the shop till the adhesive completely dries and secures the windshield.

Local adhesive products can extend this wait time by a day without providing your car the structural integrity it needs to be a safe vehicle. On the other hand, genuine adhesives are generally quick drying with strong sealing properties that can have you back in your car in a few hours.

These genuine glass and adhesive solutions have become extremely important to maintain the safety of all passengers on the road at all times. A trusted and reputed automotive glass manufacturer can correctly guide you in choosing the glass types and sealing them with genuine adhesives. In addition, for anyone looking to add that extra bit of customisation to their car in terms of water repellent windows, solar control and acoustic solutions or other such benefits, the manufacturer can help with the same as well.

Content Source: Windshield Experts

Image Source: 3mcollision