Checking In With My Savings Plan: March 2017 Edition
Nicole Dieker

Nicole- I didn’t see a direct allocation for some kind of retirement funding. Is it possible that you attend to that at year end with a lump sum contribution? You certainly would be eligible for a Simplified Employee Pension plan (SEP) or if that somehow is a problem at least a Roth plan that is funded with after tax dollars. Your contribution would be limited to $5,500 since you strongly appear to be under age 50. The limitation would also apply to a Simple IRA. The $5,500 would also be the maximum contribution for a combination of Roth and Simple IRA.

I would recommend the SEP plan since the permitted contribution to such a plan since as a practical matter your contribution would be approximately 20% of your net profit as a sole proprietor. The allowance starts at 25% but since your SEP contribution reduces your net profit that 25% gets knocked to around 20%. Since you are the “employer” you will have other reductions to your net profit that would also serve to reduce your contribution a bit but it should be about 18% or so.

Hopefully you are already participating in some form of retiree program. Unfortunately the vast majority of younger workers are not.

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