9 Free tools I used to worked remotely in 2015

So I’m actually worked freelance remotely since 2014 while I worked fulltime onsite in the same time or while I was in searching for fulltime jobs.

These are the tools I use along 2015 to work remotely:

1. Skype

Skype is the most world famous Instant Messenger (IM) to work. With attracttive and fun animated emoticons. We can chat on Facebook synced directly to Skype in real time. Skype has the best video call feature to connect with your friends/colleagues without any disruption on voice and signal quality than any other video/audio call features like Google Hangout or Team Viewer or Uber Conference.

2. Slack

I like the interface. It’s the most fancy interface design rather than any other IM applications. Slack is created for team at work, not for chatting with your friends or family. This is not just an IM, it’s aims to replace IM + email in one application. This app is using channels with hashtag (#), it’s remind me to an old chat application with channels, mIRC :D

3. Asana

Asana is a project management, like Basecamp. At first the UX of Asana is bit more confusing than Basecamp. But at least you can try or use Asana for free for your own alone.

4. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracker tool. You really need this if you work with client by hourly rate fees (unless your clients are from Upwork, Upwork has their own time tracker application). Mostly hourly rate occured if the clients are from U.S.A or Europe. You can use this app for free so you can see how many hours you work in each day. Great usability, easy to use in a minute!

5. Evernote

I’m using Evernote to write list of my freelance projects every month and how many I would earn in each project. Also I wrote my writing ideas here. This tool is basically an online notes but I promise you will love it, and you will always want to write the list of your work or any other important notes on Evernote than on Microsoft Words or basic notes apps. This is kind of a workspace tools and you can share with your colleagues. Evernote is more like an electronic binder.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud files management app in good way and the most famous cloud app . You don’t need to have a new app interface on your desktop after installation, you just need open your finder (mac)/explorer (PC) and you can find Dropbox folder in there to manage the files that synced directly to the cloud web. For free plan you can use this up to 2GB files capacity.

7. Tresorit

Tresorit is one another alternative cloud app besides Dropbox. But you will get seperate app with your finder/explorer files after you install it. However you can also sync it directly to your desktop or phones. You can use this app for free up to 3 GB files capacity.

8. Google Drive

Luckily we are all have Google account, so we can use Google Drive to our files for free up to 15 GB files capacity! Google Drive is great. Unlike the Google Hangout which is Skype is much better in video/audio call.

9. Team Viewer

Team viewer is useful for working remotely, especially to share screen with clients or team in long distance. You can also chat, video/audio call (not recommended, though). This app has good impact for your remote work in online meetings and online presentation. Not to stalking each other :D

So, let me know, what are your tools to work remotely?