The Young Ones: Knowledge of Regions

As a young adult I don’t know a lot about the world, and even if I tried my hardest to there would always be someone else out there who would just know more. I have become adapt to nodding my head and engaging into things I have no idea about especially when I get stuck into conversations that everyone seems knowledgable about excluding me. But this time you and I (my readers) will know something about wine. So that next time someone starts talking about the regions of wine you’ll know a little bit about it and maybe even able to input something into the conversation. No fear! Olivia the wine snob is here! Soon you can become a wine snob too if you continue onto the path of wine knowledge.

Now, the first thing you should know is the top wine regions of the world. According to Wine Folly these are the top wine regions of the world: France, Italy, Spain, Unites States, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, China, Chile, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Greece, New Zealand, Hungary, Brazil. Now I know this a lot to remember and somewhat overbearing so we are going to focus on the three most major wine regions of the world that produce almost half of the wine in the world. They are France, Italy, and Spain. If you start out with knowing just these you might be able to actually get away with more than just nodding your head and smiling.

France what you need to know about France is that not only does it sound like my last name but the major grapes, these grapes will be the Merlot and Grenache. Merlot grapes are going to be smooth, something great for people who are just starting out with wine. Grenache may have the characteristics of strawberry, black cherry, raspberry, anise, tobacco, citrus rind, cinnamon. These notes within the wine may be a way to tell what it is and where it comes from.

Italy’s major grapes is going to be Sangiovese and Trebbiano. Sangiovese is going to be a very savory type of wine. It always will always hold cherry flavors with small notes of tomato it can expand to tasting earthy to almost fruity. Trebbiano is mostly used as an ingredient within other wines. Spain’s major grapes are going to be Tempranillo and Airén. Tempranillo is going to have a taste of leather along with cherries. It will have a smooth finish. Airén is going to be used as a base wine for brandy or to make table wines as well. It occupies about twice as much land there as any other variety.

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