The 20 Most Important Things About Wine

1. Wine is fermented grape juice.

2. Wine can be any color.

3. Wine can be any aroma.

4. Wine can be any flavor.

5. Wine grapevines are plants that grow best in certain conditions, like all the other plants on earth.

6. Growing conditions affect the taste and aroma of grapes.

7. People farm land to grow grapevines.

8. Grapes grow on grapevines.

9. There are many different types of grape varieties that make varietally different wines.

10. Wine and food sometimes enhance each other.

11. Wine is made in many different ways.

12. Wine can be aged (stored) in many different types of containers for many different lengths of time for many different reasons.

13. Anything that happens to grapes after they are picked will affect the taste and aroma of the wine.

14. Drinking wine is a multi-sensory experience.

15. Sometimes great wine is surprisingly cheap.

16. Sometimes expensive wine is a unicorn turd.

17. Wine is not beer.

18. Wine is cultural.

19. Nature invented wine.

20. People like to complicate the complexities of wine.



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