New Beginnings

Searching for the stories behind the bottles

…well, technically the ‘New Beginning’ was around 4 months ago when I left my IT based job to pursue a full time career in the wine industry but Wine Cuentista is now officially online and it certainly feels like another chapter. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Fintan Kerr. I’m an English citizen who has been living in Barcelona for the past 4.5 years and slowly but surely falling irrevocably in love with the city and the effortless way in which people appreciate life here. This extends to their appreciation for friendship, wine and good times; something that captured my imagination and has led me to creating this blog.

Wine + Sunshine = Smiles all around

The aim is to share all things related to wine, particularly Spanish and Catalan, that I learn as part of my personal and professional life, my own trials and tribulations in the industry and most importantly, the story of the people that transform fermented grape juice into something truly special. With that being said, I will leave this as a short and probably unsatisfactory introduction. If anyone would like to get in touch either leave a comment or feel free to contact me through the Contact page at Wine Cuentista. With our regular tasting groups starting again this week, there is plenty of research to be done; who knows, maybe even something worth posting about.

Wine Cuentista: The literal translation is ‘Wine story-teller’. We run high quality wine tastings in central Barcelona, Borne area, with the intention of tasting and learning about high quality Spanish and Catalan wines in a relaxed atmosphere — perfect for a fun evening out in Barcelona! If you would like to get in touch or see our services, check out the website here: Thanks!