DIY Chocolate Wine Recipe to Try this Christmas

Santa Claus might be getting ready with those cute goodie bags and gifts for you. This amazing occasion is once again all set to hit your doors. You might even have decided what all cuisines are going to be on your Christmas Menu this time, but we are damn sure that you have forgotten a lovely thing that can make your menu super appetizing.

“Chocolate Wine” is the thing that you can’t miss this season. Perhaps everyone would love to guzzle this amazing dessert. And, when it is Christmas, there is no way you are going to skip this sparkling thing from your lovely menu.

Chocolate Wine makes a perfect dessert that one gets after mixing two DIVINE things together, which are Wine and Chocolate. You can even get some of the tastiest chocolate wines in NYC to tantalize your palate like never before!

If you have not heard of this Divine Drink yet, then it is the right time to sip on this drink. You do not have to go and buy it from wine store, as we are uncovering the secret recipe of Chocolate Wine just for you.

Have a look below!


ü Yield: 4 Servings ü Prep time: 2 minutes ü Cook time: 15 Minutes

ü Total Time: 17 Minutes


ü Zinfandel Wine | 1 Bottle
ü Whole Milk | 1 and a ½ cups
ü Milk Chocolate | 1-ounce
ü Cocoa Powder | To Garnish


Start by boiling the wine in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat until it is reduced to half. While the wine is boiling, bring milk to a boil in another container. Now place the chocolate in a small bowl and pour that reduced wine over it. Whisk both the chocolate and wine together until the chocolate is melted. After that, pour half of the milk into this wine and chocolate mixture and whisk to blend. Now, pour the chocolate wine mixture into cups and spoon over some milk froth over the top. Milk froth is prepared from the other half of the milk. Garnish it with cocoa powder and serve hot to enjoy it at its best.

Special Diet Information

· Decide the quantity of chocolate yourself according to your diet plan.

Keep up the Christmas Spirit with our tempting Chocolate Wine recipe and make it at your home for the best and fresh taste.

Merry Christmas!


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