Tabbed SlidingPaneLayout (Primary/Detail) using the Navigation Component Library ➡️🗔✨

Basic primary/detail SlidingPaneLayout view wrapped in a ViewPager2
New Project Dialog Samples
  • Primary/Detail navigation (we called it Master/Detail back then 😏) is a bit cooler now. Foldables and responsive layouts are more popular, the New Project dialog has a Responsive Activity and the Primary/Detail code has been rewritten to use the Navigation component.
  • The Navigation component docs have been significantly expanded.
  • A new Two-pane layout doc was added, and the SlidingPaneLayout ViewGroup has been updated.
  • ViewPager was deprecated for ViewPager2

Sliding pane what?

Tabs 📑

Navigation 🚢

Back button 🔙




Droid Disciple

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Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson

Droid Disciple

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