Relevance — The Sixth (and possibly not the last) of The “Things Wink Will Never Compromise On”

This is the end, or the sixth article, of the series ‘Things Wink Will Never Compromise On’. The key point is we are adamant that if Wink is to exist, it has to be and remain relevant.

First things first: it goes without saying that we believe Wink is needed or, to word it more appropriately, Wink is relevant for our generation. There’s no denying that something isn’t quite right with the way we interact with each other, if we hardly do that anymore. We think Wink is (part of) the solution by aiming to be a companion in genuine social interactions and relationships. Read Welcome Wink to the World to see how Wink plans to achieve that.

The way we see it, Wink’s relevance is threefold: first, Wink has a precise purpose. Second, Wink advocates for matters that matter. And third, Wink incessantly improves. Read on to understand more of what we mean.

Some times of our lives are simply commonplace and some other times are extraordinary. One and the other make up our existence and, for very different reasons, are infused with significance. Wink’s goal is to keep all memories that matter to you, mundane or memorable, safe and for ever. And not just keep them safe, but keep them organized in an easily accessible timeline. To lay it on the line, Wink will be as relevant to you as your memories.

Wink will become even more relevant if you think of some things as essential to our existence. Things that we advocate for. Things like genuine relationships, socialization, mental health, combatting addiction and privacy. We think that promoting relevant matters will keep us relevant too.

We believe we can remain relevant by incessantly improving. Unless we reflect on where we are and correct what is wrong, we’ll become irrelevant. And here’s the thing: we can only become better with your involvement. We cannot say it enough: your feedback is not just welcome, but necessary! Taking in feedback and changing accordingly is ultimately what will make Wink relevant to you.

It is not too early to get involved: you can pre-register at to become an insider and make Wink a reality for you and everyone. We encourage you to do so now more than ever because for every account created on (up to 1000) we are plating a tree in California. Learn more by reading A Social Networking App Has A Lot To Do With Trees.

Your ideas, thoughts and questions are gladly received at, in the responses below or on our social media accounts.

You can also follow us (in moderation) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and always know where we’re at.

We’re in this together,

The Team Powering Wink



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