Living Free

My understanding of therapy is that it is supposed to be fairly one sided. I assume there must be different approaches or techniques, but for the most part, my 10 years sitting in offices have been the same. I babble on about my neuroses and fears while my modestly dressed therapist nods her head. Historically, I’ve been a goldie locks of sorts when it comes to therapists. This one makes too many puns about my weight (“the weight of the situation is…”, “i’m hungry for more details, I use that word intentionally…”). This one offers too little rational…

I put on my most modest cotton Banana Republic capris and

brown moccasins. I put my hair in a bun for extra effect. It was humid

outside, so curls sprung out from all over my head in a fashion that

ensured I’d be single for months to come, a factor that really drove

the look home. I asked for Jane at the circulation desk, just like she

told me to. I’d arrived on time for my interview at the local public


I am and always have been an avid reader. Anyone who knows

me, even on a surface level…

Winnie Potter

Loves writing, traveling, good food and great books

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