The Branson Effect: Lessons I learned from Sir Richard Branson
Raphael Collazo

I’m sure he would agree with what you have wrote about him.

Here’s one of my favourite paragraphs from his biography “Losing My Virginity”:

“Screw it, just do it” is my approach to everything. I’m the sort of person who likes to give everything a try. If you are frustrated with how things are done, go and try something different, get fantastic people around you who share your beliefs and passion, and do it better. Imagine a record label wanting to start an airline, to go up against British Airways! But I was truly convinced after having been stranded as a passenger on an unnamed American airline that there was a better way, and that even I could do it better. As you can imagine, we faced a lot of skepticism and doubt. But if you can run one business well, you should be able to run another business well — and that has kept me going through all our risky business.”