FAQ | 5 questions necessary to ask your lash expert…

Lash Extension makes a lady or a girl looks beautiful. It adds to her beauty and she doesn’t need to apply mascara or any other artificial make-up. The celebrities also go for the lash extension which at least gives them freedom from eye make-up and the best place is Beverly Hills for waxing, eyelashes extension, Microblading, etc. These all are known facts about a lash extension but what is not known are…What questions should be asked while getting lash done?

Below mentioned as few questions while getting eyelash extension done in Beverly Hills, CA for the first time:

1. The first and the foremost question one should be asking while getting eyelash done is “Do you have a valid license?” If someone is practicing eyelash extension then he or she must have a professional license such as an esthetician or cosmetology license. Without license a person cannot practice such as it could destroy or affect someone negatively.

2. The second question is “Can you show the proof of previously done extension?” If one has a good portfolio, then he or she should not be worried but if he or she start new, then they may not have a portfolio. Consider experienced expert for the extension because the eye is a sensitive and important organ.

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