On the importance of a clear vision and strong strategy

Wipster recently had the pleasure of having Dan Randow lead us in a full day workshop on the future direction of our company. Over the course of the day we found ourselves bonding as a group and aligning our goals and aspirations almost effortlessly.

We began the day by physically positioning ourselves on a spectrum with reference to questions like “What percentage of time to you spend thinking about or somehow involved in Wipster?” and “How clear is the future of Wipster to you?” Seeing the results of these exercises lead to some honest and actionable feedback by multiple members of the team. We were encouraged to share our thoughts and to practice active listening skills. It was critical that communication was non-judgemental and fully understood by the entire group so that no one was afraid to speak out or felt left behind.

We also took part in exercises to ascertain how much members of the team knew about the history and development of Wipster as a company. This was crucial to be able to look into the future with a full understanding of what limitations or advantages we have as a company. Dan made sure to moderate the conversation with well placed questions and clarifying statements which allowed a lot of understanding to be disseminated in a short amount of time.

After a lunch break, we moved into a discussion on what Wipster, the team, valued most from our roles and our possible future paths. Dan waded through the highly detailed conversation and opposing viewpoints to find four kernels of wisdom about the Wipster clan. These four points have become our company belief system and we will be measuring our future decisions against them — from hiring, to product development, to big picture strategies and where we want to be in the coming years.

Management found an incredible insight where team knowledge of company history was discussed and this has already lead to a shift in how information is shared among the group. Feedback from the Wipster team was positive and we all felt more aligned with the Wipster vision for the future. It was also a great trust building exercise — everyone was open, honest and involved in the conversation. Dan was essential in guiding — and sometimes directing! — this process.

It’s critical that businesses take the time to strategise and reconnect across departments, and a seasoned facilitator such as Dan can help guide you towards a strong culture and clear strategy.