Digesting data through visualization

The above chart uses the world bank data and compares the new entry of enterprises


Prepared by using : Datawrapper

The chart shows the World Bank data of Import Merchandise by country. The intent of making the chart is to show the intensity of import from country to country.

> New Enterprise Entry visualisation

Intent: World Bank data on new enterprise entry shows the comparison in perspective of different countries.

World Bank Data- GDP Comparison of Countries

> World Bank Import Data

The above chart is comparing the import trend by country.

Problems with the data visualization application tools:

There are lots of tool available online to visualize big data. However, those seem to be complicated for fresh users. Some of the tools are free and some are not. Some of the tools may not be compatible for the users’ computer.The online tutorials available over the particular websites and Youtube are not sometimes helpful or up-to-date. The tutorial does not work in some cases. Last few days, I have been trying to use Gephi 0.9.1 in my computer, Windows 7, downloading from its website but could not use it for data format problems. The tool frequently hangs up. The tutorials available online are all for the older version but not available for the said version. I tried to download social networking data in Gephi compatible format but failed to do so. I tried to use several other tools for visualization but those does not seem to be extraordinary. Spending hours after hours, I am now frustrated a little bit. But I am still trying.