Code of Conduct

There are so many expressions of Intellect which describe value in a seemly extraordinary way with such brilliance a tower near the shore to keep the boats from embarking on the wrong spot. The texture and deep colorful design of wood part of deck drifting in the oceanic waves and currents.

The Sails could only redirect and shift to desired position when the rope is administered too. All things have connection without rational self-awareness and true intent as a constant our ability will seem to wilt like a flower out of season.

Values must be seen as conduit for something powerful in meaning that ultimately persuade and unselfish heart including generosity in words to solve emotions unsettled. Virtues must be a companion even when the trumpet signals taps.

Our love express all things but if not conduit action occur there will be no signal of relief or distress because it will die.

Only in divine intervention will love birth again and morals be like a knight on a horse racing toward the front of the battle lines for King and Country most importantly for Commodore is Lady and Friends to gain admiration.

So for the goal to have respect accompanied by admiration remember there is more to life than substance of reward it is code of honor.

Conduct simply describes action so there are intuitive steps for awe.

Gallantry in combat is comparable to Gallantry in words and morals.

Let us remember what it means to be without supply and seek refuge in humility at all times.