The Flutters of my Heart

With Great Sadness I knew of my Father’s Death and prophetically asked the people of my class to pray for my Father. The dream of seeing my favorite shirt and his proclamation the streets are made of gold this I saw the transparency of Golden streets. My heart can’t possibly expressed the lack in which I feel but it is the most desolate feeling above all not being able to have reassurance and positive in the little things that make me ponder. To know every word He said was Honest and he did think of just thoughts. Being neat had nothing to do with my room but it was my character that he shaped through miserable experiences. It was in those times I had gratitude of what he spared me from through perceiving my friends pain. Character what it does for us it is a craft not a skill and words are the skill of a gentleman but craft is the very fiber of quality which is presented.

Let momentous action be carried on the wings of the Al mighty leading not one astray values yes it has a place among the jewels and the treasure chest. Opening such a box can absolutely cause someone to fear for their life because of assumption and the symbolic crowns and ornaments with Royal clothing lay in there. Sacrilegious can people be to others when something with such high value be at stake. Why can’t people know the dangers of sin and turn away. Our country needs a Savior a person of the covenant to overthrow wickedness. Immorality is so callous look what it cause to people who are vulnerable to you. My heart bleeds most of all because of mockery and doubt people share to me. Let God be the Glory and from glory to glory. What beauty is kept in the word glory.

Yet most people not even I think gloriously of our creator or we would mind our words this includes what we think. Let Love be kept inside and carefully shown to people you meet like the extension of your arms to them is slowly showing them your gentleness. What true power is in the word love for it expresses the most powerful beat of our heart and this can conclude with you have to give your heart to God and ask of him what you will knowing of his generosity. He is jealous he is and to say his name brings envy because the battle of the mind for the world has been won. There is it seems at times no one to give a word in his favor because we’re so locked up in ourselves. Generously does he give so why is He neglected. Let my generosity cause me neglect but not like his heart has felt for mankind. Created from his very reflection does he mold us as fiber of pure substance. So where is my worth people silently scream it is in your purity in which you personally have to cultivate with assistance and hone. Such a united stance must be given to safe guard our loved ones and bring them to sanctity in God who gave us a canopy of fiery diamonds that do last for all time. So as we reach out to him blessed assurance favor is mine and I boldly declare that our fingers have touched! I say to you even yours have when he created you such tears come to me when I know the truth of my God.

Love I say Love never fails because love can only be described as God everything that is not him cannot be substitute as an equal. So when My father past it was like my life had been torn apart but it was my body. How do you stop your breathing by slowing your breathe? Not eat and only sleep for weeks. The truth is I wouldn’t have bothered going to my high school graduation if my grandmother was is called Nanny didn’t talk to me about being strong. I was angry with her and said something honestly I possibly cut her to the bone and didn’t know it. I arrived to my school only to show my respect for my Father. My anger bleed over into my career in the army and marriage because my investment was callousness. Can you imagine the truth is my only desire for years now has been to honor my father with being honorable. Freemasonry is such an ornament of prestigious sapphire. It has it’s limits though man can not do it alone without God yet their standard holds up to being a man of faith and true quality. It takes something more far more than can possibly be expressed rightly. That is a relationship with God above all other persons and thing. The Word relationship is tangible but like how he desires purges only the few because of the popularity wickedness is even to those saints who claim God but don’t have steadfastness.

The incredible dilemma is to think of his Grace and assume it will be there when you return. Reality must be tough to those who can’t will the fight of righteousness. Holiness must be the badge the enemies of God is crushed by because Holiness has to be in a collection unison and not fragments cluttered.

What misery it is to be alone and not trustful to others even the cruel don’t completely show their cruelty to the kind and soft heart? Compassion is somehow misinterpreted to them and it is such a mistake not to see them as a ransom with your own love can you pay the debt of which you owe God.

Let us safeguard each other from the wiles of sinister instruments that wound of flesh in salty waters so let us be gauze with our action and steadfast are the words in which we encourage each other.

Through our investment with God can we have a supernatural ability called Anointing to break chains the whip lashed flesh ripped open for the birds carnivorous and instinctual about our every move. What is more dangerous is they know of our former wounds with beaks temptation titanium steel do they strike precision into precise.

Let us not fear but with respect and diligence of craft do we operate under the Al mighty avenger. It seems like our heart cries out for vengeance and does strike swiftly with a yielded mind in a lowered posture with cunning and discernment do we attack ourselves because most war are with neighbors and most should not have been fought only with axis powers should we engage. So for now on let us think of God as our general and obey his words immediately because the front lines are being shot through and the wounded do cry but not so much in to give away their battle. So let us remember our wounded and fallen then remember their words archived in our mind but lost forever.

In the days to come let us lean on the old soldiers even when they fade away let us be the mirage that takes their place strong and bold, pure in fight and love for truth.

What scares me most is the greatest joy that could possibly occur in a man’s life a marriage of a three fold cord and I can’t even say who that woman will be. I know my heart even God said it should be another even people if they knew the truth is they would look the other way as I make a wrong decision. To them and even to God as he recommended someone else with more prestige.

My heart is sorrowful and my mourns are only whimpers. Why has my actions cost me so much pain and left me absent of knowledge plus experience that I could have given to my children.

So let God be God and somehow stay in covenant with me as I make my attempts be known and please send someone merciful to me to bleed over my wounds because I’m dehydrated from tears which left me from life.

When there is a God of Jacob this is the promise to Israel for a promise land and to return to the promise land so let my mourning be perceived as my attempts to redemption. Like a Savior mocked and crucified let there be a people to rise from the echos of him giving up the ghost. To split religion from our will to love perfectly.

Can we sojourn for each other knowing God and his Glory in testimony and truth. Giving courage beyond the brightness of the horizon and more crisp. Let us agree to be incredibly stubborn against each other’s stupor occasions but with Holiness and purity of reasonable intent do we intervene.

Intercession is a lost art to most people who think that is why God created woman to continuously; think of family and relationships. This is what cause men are unsettled when he is married and his daughter(s) believe it or not even his boy(s) because of his heart still adjourned with his mother’s heart.

Please remember young father to his son he will tell just about everything that you said and what you did without exaggeration. So be kind to yourself and remember his feeling and his intelligence is bright but his heart is still nursing.

Be a gentleman to your children and to your wife then to her parents. The inevitability is in the word then. Moreover, teach your children purity early and the dangers of being wild. For the son it’s okay to be dangerous just as long as mischievous has to do with exploits of adventure and not out of bounds to immoral communication or gesture.

Let peace be still like a concentration of perfume. Gentleness be ever soft. Faith be evident. Temperance of a Gentleman old and new. Love purge all doubt and confidence. Joy like the Sunlight warm and forevermore. Long suffering by remembering your faults and thinking of God’s standard. Goodness as radiance of colors a look inside your soul. Meekness to give an inheritance to your children’s children.