The Hope of the Flickering Light

How can you love purely, a true love and it be constant with purity hence trueness?

Only my God can correct me from haughtiness, proud wit which can destroy a moment of your brilliant joy.

My candle light can be whipped out by the cold wind. A religious symbol yet both equally important to me. There should be no light but a wax stick.

If your joy isn’t seen for me. Selfishly where is my love now my heart drenched in the rain. Let God be God Our covenant and our sins confessed unto him let us be without blemish for love can be perfected.

Let Our love be of one current through the atrium of God’s heart like Our children through our union heart.

Let us be of one passionate fire and body of water — compassion. Stride in our action as a passionate expression to the world a ransom for God himself.

Our breathe be a life saver like compassionate giving. Our fingers be graceful deer which dance through the wind of turbulence.

How merciful is He, God of the Universe to know of me, and my needs, and supply to give me you Eva Elena?