Hack Your Grocery List: This Infographic Will Save You Money And Banish Cooking Boredom

When you search for tips on how to save money, one of the most popular suggestions that comes up is “eat your meals at home.”

It seems so simple on the surface. Just buy enough food to last you for the week! A loaf of bread and a pack of salami is seven meals right there! So why do so many of us fail?

The answer is because it’s boring to eat the same thing every day. After all, if you spend all day working, ducking out to your favorite chopped salad joint might very well be the highlight of your day. Additionally, buying the ingredients for 21 diverse meals (plus snacks) seems like it would make for one helluva grocery budget. Fear not, there is a cure!

Make Your Food Go The Distance

Certain foods have more value than others, because they can yield more dishes. For instance, a mangosteen would probably not have a lot of value, unless you know several different ways to prepare a mangosteen (in which case, hats off to you). But items like eggs and ground turkey can be prepared multiple ways, leading to more diversification in your home menu and less boredom for you. These are your grocery staples: the foods you want to load up on every week.

We’ve taken the liberty of arranging these foods in a handy infographic so that you can understand just how far each food reaches.

By centering your grocery list around these foods, you’ll save money by eating from home, but you’ll ward off boredom by indulging in a diversity of meal choices. The list of ingredients might look expansive, but many of the items listed should last you for weeks. Think the non-perishables, like salt and olive oil. So this ingredient list will actually cut down on your grocery store trips for months to come, saving you money and time.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Plus, head over here to find out how to maximize all the lunch money you’re going to save.

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