The Cure Lies In Unity

Currently I have been pondering many of life’s deep and most misunderstood lessons. I have this feeling that we all wish for peace & prosperity, but yet that is never shown on Tv or broadcast in news stations. Instead we are bombarded by only seeing the innocent suppressed and the voiceless mistreated & misunderstood. To my belief, and many others at this; we are continually deluding ourselves from the outside world & our inner world, by living day to day in a life full of distraction. We are distracted by our screens, our phones, our associates, and so much more.

However, not only are we living in distraction, we are letting these things carry influence on our lives. Making up & often determining what we expect from ourselves because these very distractions limit your potential & creative mindset. And therefore, limit what you expect from yourself.

You see, we are all born dreamers. Only the conformity from the school system, conformity to meet the norm, conformity to fit in and feel accepted, and our conformity of our societal standards have dropped to a new low. We lost touch with our creative genius’ who we left behind in this world of distraction and entertainment. Before europeans ever even came to colonize here in America, we held brilliant thinkers. Mathematicians, philosophers, astronomers, and so much more who looked to life with deeper meaning and deeper value. Here in our age, we somehow let all that go. We became comforted by our designs in technology & egotistical nature, that we no longer felt the need to advance in creating new and innovative ideas.

Why? Simple answer really. We lost a connection to what makes us human. We capped our ability to think beyond, to dream without doubt, to live in faith rather than fear. And through all this, we built a society around the comforts and entertainment of modern man, rather than, what would excel us to go further & reach new heights.

The power is in the voice of the people, but too long has that been suppressed. So instead the big dogs of the world would prefer to give us just what we need to float by & not provide any other tools of advancement. After all, why would they fund advancments in tech, energy, or medicinal purposes, knowing that might hurt their company sales. Yet the poverty and famine worldwide is not enough to change their minds on who needs the help the most. Greed has corrupted the minds of the upper elites.

Im sure we’ve all stumbled on this phrase once or twice, that goes something like this. “Why cure a patient, when I could make him a customer for life”

You see the trouble that has plagued our nation and global intentions, is that the hands of the elite moneymakers of the world dont want to give up their power, instead they want more of it.. So here’s where it goes downhill, they reach into their pockets for chump change handing it off to the legislatures and law makers of the government body. In which they talk about what bills to pass and laws to make, by which would generate their company more profit in the long run.

This system is not a system of, “by the people for the people” it is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind for us in creating the constitution and declaration of independence. We drafted those in order to become a free society & free democracy. Taking away the ability of overpowered government or corporations to gain control over the national departments. This is not a sustainable way to continue with our future & well being.

Life is precious, to us. But not them. Always remember the voice you hold and the power you can withdraw from inside.

It’s what they are scared of.

  • Give back the power to the people
  • Eliminate distraction and feeble entertainment from our lives, to truly gain control of our thoughts once again
  • Realize your own potential, self-worth, and value. Not just in your eyes, but in Gods…

Side-note: when this country truly begins to take steps in the right direction to liberate ourselves of corrupt forces. It must be done through the companionship of Christ & with faith & belief in him, that he has lead you to where you needed be…that is where I want to leave you in this message.. Always, God bless. And have a cheerful delight with hope & faith in Christ.

This marks my first post on Medium concerned about various geopolitical & nationwide conflicts here on earth..

You will hear from me again. :)