Development status report. March 2018

Dear community members, this is a development status report from March 2018 for WishFinance Platform. We’ve made quite progress so far, and I’m happy to share it with you.

We’ve added to our team three new great person:
- Full stack front-end Python/Django developer to work on our interfaces and client-side logic
- Full stack back end senior developer to work on WishFinance APIs, big data, and analytical tools
- Junior software engineer with major in front-end to help our team with charts and data visualization tools

And currently, we are looking for QA Engineer.

Business development
WishFinance team has reached an agreement with Instinctools, they will be our technology partners and will help us with the development of new smart contracts with WSH token and the platform.

After speed and stability tests our team deployed three clouds for the platform and currently we are using services:
- Hetzner cloud for Europe
- Google Cloud for Western Hemisphere
- Amazon Web Services for Eastern Hemisphere

In future we will have to do a lot of work for data replication, stability and balance to provide WishFinance services 24/7 with 99,99% uptime across the globe.

After our experiments and tests with Tendermint blockchain, we have decided to put it aside and use Graphene blockchain for WishFinance’s technology of loan portfolio storage and transparency.

While WSH tokens are still an Ethereum based ERC20 tokens and deposit contracts for WSH tokens would be based on Ethereum network, Graphene will help us in many ways, and the low transaction fee is not the last of them.

Graphene is a native Proof of Stake consensus blockchain so you could understand we are building our economy with network nodes instead of pour water on Ethereum’s mill. CryptoKitties showed us it is a flawed strategy.

For WSH token we are getting ready three new smart contracts:
- ETH to WSH exchange contract with a limited minimal price of $2 per WSH and current updated price from the exchanges
- Deposit (wallet) contract linked to account on the platform
- Billing and burn contract related to use of platform utility functions

Our token contract is verified, at last, it could be checked on Etherscan

The next step will be updating our official information and icon on the Etherscan.

Our token is already listed and could be traded on ForkDelta exchange!/trade/WSH-ETH

And two more medium-sized exchanges (daily turnover $30–40 million) are checking our token before listing.

We are moving at a good speed and up to date are very close to a public demo of the platform interfaces with screens:
- Sign in/Sign up
- Lender profile with a deposit contract
- Borrower profile
- Loan profile
- Portfolio dashboard
- In-depth loan details
- Repayment transaction statistics

The demo will go with test data pre-generated for demonstration use and based on our historical lending experience.

Thank you for your interest.

As always you can contact me directly by email and stay connected with WishFinance at your favorite social channel:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Telegram
- Reddit (new)

Wish Finance Platform

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