Development status report. September 2018.

Hi everyone! The summer has passed, and the business world is boiling. Today we are sharing with you our latest developments. You are reading the development status report from September 2018 for the Wish Finance and its Platform as a Service for SME lending.


We are hiring again; Wish Finance is looking for new team members, this time only software engineers:
- Python developer, experienced in the blockchain/Graphene/OpenLedger/eosio;
- Android mobile apps developer;
- iOS mobile apps developer.

Business development

The summer was hot in many ways, as well as September. We’ve been growing our connections network for the possible future integrations with lenders across the globe.

Our current connections with payment processing companies cover many countries in Western Europe and Asia.

As a result of work in recent months, we have received new acquaintances in the banking environment and new opportunities.

On 5th September Eugene Green, CEO of Wish Finance took part in an “SME Financing” panel at Blockchain Policy Forum hosted by OECD in Paris, France. He presented the company’s SME lending solution to policymakers from all across the OECD member countries with full success, making several new financial industry contacts.

Please watch it online here:


Updated technical indicators for our blockchain network:
- Currently, we have 21 witnesses in the blockchain network
- Block time is lowered to 2.5–3 seconds
- Slightly over 10,000 transactions per second

We created an interface for our test network statistics; it will be available in the next few days here:


In the summer, in July, we published a demo lender web interface. With it, users connected to our tool will manage their loan portfolios 24/7. You can always find it here:

Many thanks to all for the positive feedback and comments.

Since then we crossed out several essential points from the task list:
- Wish Finance platform API released;
- Wish Finance platform Sandbox released;
- Created an internal protocol of interaction between backend and lender interface;
- The demo lender web interface is ready with new user registration;
- The first stage of the scoring machine is completed.

Our scoring machine has four levels:
1. Primary filtering
2. Assessment and grading
3. Hypothesis testing
4. Neural network

The first stage is over; the second is in progress.

The subsite for platform API documentation is completed, it will be available in the next few days here:


Wish Finance is raising funds. We are looking for “smart money” investors focused on fintech, lending, and the blockchain technological companies.

If you are following us and have connections or opportunities to help us in fundraising, please contact me directly by email to get a Wish Finance Investors Deck and more info.

Stay always connected with Wish Finance with your favorite social channel:
- Facebook
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- LinkedIn
- Telegram
- Reddit

Wish Finance Platform

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The first ever global Blockchain Platform as a Service for SME lending

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