A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture
Zaron Burnett III

“ how do you treat a snake you come across in the wild? …You treat it like a snake, right? Well, that’s not stereotyping, that’s acknowledging an animal for what it’s capable of doing”

I’m sure you and those who agree with you are 100% in favour of applying the same reasoning not just to distinguishing between male and female, but also between white and black men. In terms of crime statistics, black men are more likely than any other group to commit a crime, so if you see a black man you should, say, treat him like a snake, so to speak? What’s the difference between that and what you’ve written here.

But anyway, I actually agree with you. I have no problem with a woman shooting me a glare over her shoulder when she’s walking home in the dark and I just happen to be walking behind her to get home. I’m a man. She has a good reason to be afraid (and the same thing applies to race). I don’t complain about being discriminated against for being a man, because that very discrimination keeps women safe.

Lastly I would add that you might be waiting a long time for certain men to stop raping women. Particular genes have been linked with violent behaviour, and the men that act that way are often confined to a particular strata of society — the working class. Poor areas. Etc. Rape has gone down a lot over the past decades, but the abusers that still exist might very well be motivated by their genes.

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