I would also like to see Facebook share data about how lies spread and what motivates people to reconsider before sharing lies so researchers can study how to inform the public more effectively. And I hope Facebook shares data about miscreants with Google (which should share back) as well as programmatic advertising networks and recirculation engines (a la Taboola and Outbrain) so we can hold their feet to the fire to take away economic support from aggressive liars. Having said that, I want to repeat that I am concerned about creating blacklists; I would not want to see partisan sites practicing their free speech lumped into fake news lists.
Facebook Steps Up
Jeff Jarvis

A good start, but we should not give established publications a free pass. E.g. The Guardian was duped in #traingate.

Here’s one piece of fake news generation I was able to find using Twitter data. Would be great if the public had access to similar analysis tools for Facebook.


BTW Jeff there are a few accounts here you might recognize, several of them run by the same individual, who has strong links to mainstream media.

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