Shadows, within and without

Of individual perceptions that are good for a change

Shadows are underrated. There, I said it. It’s concept intrigues me, for it is 
so well-steeped in our everyday lives, that it has become as 
non-noticeable as say, air. Obviously it’s absence doesn’t threaten 
lives as air’s does, but then if you don’t have a shadow, you’re not 
really here, are you?

Not that shadows haven’t ever had a real purpose for us. The ancients used it for telling time from as early as 1500 BC in Egypt (I looked it up). However technology overtook that race and it’s a mere shadow puppet or shadow picture world for us now.

Here is my point though, I don’t really think of a 'dark area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object' when I hear the word shadow. For me, and bear with the perceptions of an over-imaginative mind here, it stands for a different form of imprint. But less direct and somehow more deep.

An imprint is something you will for, and ultimately it needs your personal efforts to turn into reality. Now, a shadow is something you acquire unknowingly. And here I don’t mean the bleak ‘shadow of death that covers thee’ nonsense. It’s crazy how we will actively seek shadows for respite in real life, but will immediately shrug it off as something that’s anti-sunshine and thus automatically anti-everything-that’s-good-and-pure. Again, it’s perception. How you perceive things depends a lot on what you’ve been taught by the society. And I agree that shadows produce a grey image in our minds, but does it have to be so? Try and step out of this box, re-learn things on your own. Name and brand every new experience as you see fit. That, I believe, elevates the mind. Ideas always have that effect.

Coming back to where we left off (and yes, I do realize I digressed), shadows. For one, you’ll always carry a shadow of your parents/guardians on you, and it could be anything. A behavioral trait, a virtue, a vice. Anything. But it will be there. Same could be said about your friends/loved ones. A shared bond of any sort will project the shadow of one on the other.

Children would make the best examples here. Ever saw a pair of best-friends? It becomes difficult to tell one from the other as both these kiddies would reflect off each other like oppositely placed mirrors. As we grow up we lose that genuinity, and thus the shadows we acquire thereafter are much more obscure, harder to spot. But it’s still there, under all the layers, all the toughness. It exists.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think it’s beautiful. Imprints could be negative, shadows can never be so. It’s something your consciousness accepts and incorporates without even you being aware of it. This makes it distilled and untouched.

Look closely at the people who make up your world, observe. You will always find shadows of others on them. And if you are lucky you’ll spot yours too.

Seek the shadows,

Not on the surface though, dive in.

There it is, rows upon rows,

Layers of past, drowned by the din.

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