When Everyone Is Happy — 4 Quick Tips For Keeping Profitable Business Relationships

The sun is shining as I wind through the evergreen english countryside listening to a junior doctor and a recent A&E patient debate the validity of the biggest strike in the history of the NHS.

It is at this point I be sure to remind myself of how grateful I am for my blissfully uncomplicated and extremely happy existence.

I regularly have these humbling moments in the 40 minute drive to what I call work.

We all obviously spend a very large portion of our lives at the “daily grind” so it has to be important to really enjoy what you do.

What is it that makes you happy in work?

For me, I know that I thrive in an environment where I have the ability and freedom to learn new skills, interact with interesting and intelligent people and grow as a person… and personally, I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Having worked at Unicorn PPC for a little while now I count myself lucky that I get to engage with like minded colleagues and clients everyday.

Our clients are forward thinking, ambitious and driven business people. Great people to work with but typically not the easiest type of person to please.

But due to our processes and results, our meetings are something that I regularly look forward to.

I’m confident that the main reason I manage to keep such healthy relationships is down to these 4 things that are simple but regularly overlooked…

  • Planning — There has to be a measurable goal. It needs to be set out from the very start of any long term business relationship so that everyone is clear about the targets we are collectively working towards and how we plan to succeed.
  • Regular communication — Even if its just a quick 10 minute call every other day to make sure everyones happy and there’s no unanswered questions.
  • Transparency — Sometimes me or one of the team make a mistake. Sometimes a task is overdue due to work load or special circumstances. Own up to it. We’re all human and in most cases we have all been in similar situations. No one likes a bullshitter.
  • Trust — This is so important on both sides of the table. We need our clients to trust in our experience and advice but we also need to trust their industry knowledge and best practices.

In all four points its clear to see that everybody involved has a crucial role to play in keeping the working relationship healthy and happy.

And from my experience, when everybody’s happy, everybody’s profiting…

Monetarily and mentally.

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