These 7 IT & Software Development resources will help you stay on top of the highly demanding world of technology while still protecting your company budget.

Post originally published on Sunlight’s official blog.

In our two previous articles comprising this three-part series, we exposed how investing in your people’s growth and continuous learning is a key factor in ensuring employee engagement and retention.

However, no matter the size or specific circumstances surrounding your company, you might be facing the rash reality of a restricted budget. …

Learn to use your L&D budget more efficiently by investing in these 7 resources that can help you improve on a personal level. Article originally posted on Sunlight’s Official Blog.

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of creating an overall culture of engagement in order to align your organization’s expectations with your employees’ goals. This is true for every organization, including those with limited budgets.

Whether your company is a small startup or a large-scale corporation, you may be facing this difficult task of balancing a limited budget. In the specific case of a restricted L&D budget, the…

Learn to use your L&D budget more efficiently with our 7 picks for books, courses and other resources centered around the topics of business & management.

Article originally posted on Sunlight’s Official Blog.

Organizations expect their employees to be the best of the best. They want their people to use their best abilities so that they can make valuable contributions to the business. Employees, for their part, usually seek to feel both secure and challenged, but most of all valued at their jobs.

According to BlessingWhite’s 2017 report on engagement in the workplace, these two perspectives cannot be mutually exclusive…

Productivity is a crucial element in every organization. Learn which are the 3 crucial factors that influence it, and how to use them to improve it.

Post originally published in Sunlight’s Blog.

Henry Ford once said: “It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that most waste.” In this time and age, when technology is taking away jobs faster than new ones are invented and it has become so easy to be left behind, those words take a whole new meaning.

Organizations today are fighting tooth and nail to be able to stay in the…

It was only a little over year ago that Juan and I embarked on a mission to build Sunlight. Looking back at the past 14 or so months of the journey, one thing that has become abundantly clear to me is that the key to succeeding in startups -and probably in life as well-, is to surround yourself with an amazing group of people. Your first backer. Those amazingly supportive first customers. Generous strangers with free advice. A team you can count on. Family. Friends.

And of course… some deep-pocketed investors. Who are preferably nice. Believe in your vision. Have…

Employee engagement is a key element to keep any organisation functioning as it should. Learn how L&D can be used to keep your employees engaged & motivated.

Frank Mercado, Director of Business Development at the Center for Energy Sustainability & Economics, explains in his article Advancing the Discourse on Talent Engagement how engagement is a key factor that brings the organisation to the ‘next level’. He argues that “For over 30 years now, powerful executives, pundits and practitioners have been digging for the ‘elixir’ of workforce engagement. Simply because engaged employees perform better: perhaps by working harder, longer and/or smarter”…

Understanding the importance of L&D as a key investment is a challenge for most organizations. This article takes a look and explains the real ROI of L&D.

To most organizations, speaking of return of investment takes them directly to hours-on-end talks about profitability. For this reason, when the topic of employee training and development is approached, and benefits such as employee engagement and motivation, improvement in the work environment and such other non tangible positives are mentioned, most organizations question the real value and therefore whether and how much L&D is actually worth as an expense.

Philip Seely says that…

The Learning Content Pyramid helps L&D professionals move to the next level by diving content into 6 groups and explaining their importance.

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Learning and Development, like every other industry, has developed and evolved through the years. In the last decade it has increased its degree of importance, to the point where, according to a study by PWC it’s now become the number 1 aspect job seekers consider before joining an organisation or changing their workplace. But, as is the case with many things that change fast, it has become harder and harder to keep up…

Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO, once said “An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage”. His words apply to any organization wishing to develop and prosper in today’s business world. As globalisation takes a more active place in every aspect of life, businesses are not spared and are, in fact, highly affected by it. …


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