Building Within: Welcome Dave

We’re excited to welcome renowned innovator Dave Cowling to the growing Within team beginning today. The company’s new Vice President of Engineering, Dave joins Within with a wide breadth of software engineering experience and technical leadership, paired with a creative sensibility that has helped him develop groundbreaking consumer experiences well-known across the globe.

Within CTO Aaron Koblin: “Dave brings the quintessential combination of creative and technological expertise that drives Within — creative ideas pushing technical innovations. It’s that diverse array of experience that will no doubt keep pushing us further. We’re thrilled to bring his talent and leadership to our team.”

A bit about Dave

Dave has been playing with computers since 1981. He received a degree in Computer Science from the London Metropolitan University in 1993 and shortly thereafter turned his passion into a career within the videogame industry. Before joining the Within team, he served as the CTO at Infinity Ward, creators of the Call of Duty Franchise, and VP of Technology at Activision Central Technology.

From his previous work in cross-platform rendering technology at Sega to software engineering and technical leadership roles at Neversoft (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Gun, Guitar Hero), Dave has been a leader in the development of some of the world’s most popular videogames. Whether you played them decades ago or just yesterday, you can close your eyes and immediately visualize the style and play of his work.

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