New This Month on Within: Dive Into the News Like Never Before

This May, June and July, Within rolls out a series of hard-hitting documentaries by CNNVR, whisking viewers to the front lines of some of the world’s most vital news stories.

Beginning May 9th, a total of five documentaries are scheduled to be released, with the final segment scheduled for July 6.

Here’s what to expect:

“Enter North Korea” | Available 5/9

Still image of “Enter North Korea” courtesy of CNNVR & Within

Arrive in the heart of Pyongyang during North Korea’s biggest celebration of the year: Day of the Sun, which marks the birth of Kim Il-sung, founder and “Eternal President” of North Korea. Hundreds of dancers spin and whirl in massive Kim Il-sung square in a display of reverence for their beloved leader. The doc shows additional intimate details of civic life in the world’s most mysterious country.

“An Ordinary Day in North Korea” | Available 5/23

Still image of “An Ordinary Day in North Korea” courtesy of CNNVR & Within

Watch North Korean’s go about their daily business inside this notoriously secretive country. Visit crystalline waterfalls near the intimidating DMZ that separates North Korea from South Korea, scale the summit of the country’s most cherished mountain, peruse the wares of a brand-new high-end electronic shop and watch flag-waving performers start each workday with a patriotic dance.

“Extreme Rescues with the NYPD” | Available 6/6

Still image of “Extreme Rescues with the NYPD” courtesy of CNNVR & Within

Survey the New York skyline from a helicopter alongside the NYPD’s most elite rescue team, the Emergency Service Unit. During the unit’s training exercise you’ll see how team members slide down ropes to skyscraper roofs and scale the summit of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

“Iceland is Melting”| Available 6/20

Still image of “Iceland is Melting” courtesy of CNNVR & Within

Travel to Iceland, the island nation that many researchers consider ground zero for climate change. Soar over the pristine glaciers that could vanish in as little as 200 years, a travesty that would signal devastation not just for this lovely place, but for the future of the planet itself.

“Toro Bravo” | Available 7/6

Still image of “Toro Bravo” courtesy of CNNVR & Within

Explore the fascinating and controversial sport of bullfighting via this intriguing doc that takes you inside the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and introduces you to the brave sportsmen who consider bullfighting an art unto itself.

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