Now Within: The Exclusive Worldwide VR Premiere of OneRepublic’s Hit Single “KIDS”

OneRepublic’s brand new VR experience just dropped and the exclusive worldwide premiere is available today only on the Within app. The VR premiere features OneRepublic’s hit single “KIDS” from their upcoming album “Oh My My” set to be released on October 7th.

With “KIDS”, the band explores new sounds and methods of interacting with fans. According to frontman Ryan Tedder, “Virtual reality is something that’s incredibly interesting to us. We’re excited to be able to give our fans a way to step inside our music and live in our latest single.”

Hal Kirkland, director of the 3D music video, orchestrates a true feat of immersive filmmaking; shooting the VR version in one take with the Nokia OZO camera. His uninterrupted approach lets the story unfold naturally and draws on universal feelings of love, curiosity and youthful uncertainty. Viewers “living in the single” remember their own memories of youth while sharing the emotions of characters in the music video.

In VR, nostalgia flows not only from the visual content, but also through the music itself. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tedder confirmed that single “KIDS” is a “conscious departure” from their regular sound inspired by the ’80s pop-synth style of M83 and other contemporary acts.

The OneRepublic VR Experience, produced by Here Be Dragons, was made possible through a partnership between UMG, Interscope Records, OneRepublic and Nokia. Download the Within app now to experience it for yourself today.

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