Introducing Within’s Original Virtual Reality Series: “The Possible”

Sep 26, 2016 · 2 min read

By Chris Milk, Founder & CEO of Within

Today, we announced Within’s first original VR series — “The Possible” — set to debut in the next few months. The 5-piece series, created by Within, with support from General Electric and in partnership with Mashable, takes viewers on a fast‐paced, immersive, 360-degree journey into the world of scientific and technological breakthroughs. Each episode highlights inventors with extraordinary stories of determination, discovery, failure and success, leading to the moment when they made the impossible, possible.

To help us bring some of the stories to life, we enlisted award-winning filmmaker David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, The Chef’s Table) to serve as the series’ lead director, and June Cohen, former head of media at TED, to produce the series.

Working with David Gelb and other top filmmakers to develop an original VR series allows us to give viewers an inside look at the perseverance behind each inventor, and impact these technologies have on the world. And what I love the most about David’s work, he lets the artists, scientists and creators tell their own story. There is no host.

Within created “The Possible” series alongside production house, Here Be Dragons, and thanks to partnerships with General Electric, Mashable and The Sloan Foundation.

I’m proud of what this series accomplishes. We’re using virtual reality to give viewers direct access to visionaries who are making the future happen today. We can’t wait to share their work and vision with you. Available soon on the Within app.

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