Wixlar and LomoStar LMC Mobile App

It’s our pleasure as Wixlar Group to Collaborate with LoMoStar LMC on their amazing Mobile Application that announces our latest Wixlar News as well as the Airdrops and Bounty in the Cryptocurrency Market Today.

LomoStar Mobile App Created by LomoCoin Team, available for Android and IOS Devices through their website https://lomostar.com/index.html

The Beginning of The Global Social Economy has just started with LomoStar Mobile App gathering Bounty Hunters and Airdroppers from all over the world in one place. In-depth airdrop + Bounty Channel = New generation of LoMo Blockchain Technology.

The New update of LoMoStar ecology has been completed, where you can obtain abundant ecological benefits through Downloading their app to invest and enjoy Mining while reading !

After Installing LomoStar Blockchain Mobile App, Just open airdrop red envelops:

Enjoy Chinese-style benefits

Get tokens by reading: Read market news and rewarded by tokens (mining)

Get tokens by sharing: Share your gains with your friends for more benefits (mining)

How to use LomoStar Cryptocurrency App:

  1. “Bounty Channel” — Read and share popular news and obtain generous rewards
  2. 2. “Voting Event” — Interesting and relaxing voting events attract general participation
  3. 3. “Global Red Envelops” — Constantly offering abundant digital tokens
  4. 4. “Asset Wallet” — Secure and convenient multi-asset wallet

Wixlar is proud of the partnership with LomoStar Team and soon more news about Wixlar will be Shared on LomoStar LMC Mobile App to all the wonderful Blockchain Community!

Feel Free to Check Wixlar CryptoCurrency Price Today on CoinMarketCap at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wixlar/

How to buy Wixlar Coin?

You can Buy Wixlar Coin ( WIX ) Today through our Online Selling Website at https://WixlarCoin.com or through the available Exchanges at https://wixlar.com/exchanges

such as: CREX24, EtherMium, InstantBitex, DeltaRelay, BiteBTC, Mercatox and more

Crex24 Exchange:

Trade WIX-BTC at https://crex24.com/exchange/WIX-BTC

EtherMium P2P Exchange:

Trade WIX-ETH at https://ethermium.com/t/Wixlar-WIX

Instant Bitex Exchange:

Trade WIX-BTC at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_BTC
Trade WIX-ETH at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_ETH
Trade WIX-USDT at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_USDT
Trade WIX-BCH at https://instantbitex.com/trade/pair/WIX_BCH

DeltaRelay P2P Exchange:

Trade WIX-ETH at https://deltarelay.com/trade/WIX-WETH

BiteBTC Exchange:

Trade WIX-BTC at https://bitebtc.com/trade/wix_btc
Trade WIX-ETH at https://bitebtc.com/trade/wix_eth
Trade WIX-BCH at https://bitebtc.com/trade/wix_bch

Mercatox Exchange:

Trade WIX-BTC at https://mercatox.com/exchange/WIX/BTC
Trade WIX-ETH at https://mercatox.com/exchange/WIX/ETH

How to get Wixlar Coins For Free?

You can get Wixlar Coins for Free through inviting your friends — The Power of word of mouth

Register your Wixlar Account for Free today at https://wixlarcoin.com in order to book your coins and to enjoy the 5% “Thank You” Commission by sharing your WixlarCoin referral link with friends.

Check Wixlar CryptoCurrency Price Today on CoinMarketCap at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wixlar/

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