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Walker passes the eyeball test in my book — which means that when I saw him play I did think of him as one of the best players of his era. I never got that feeling when watching someone like Craig Biggio. Biggio was a terrific player that played a long time and stayed healthy and for that he got rewarded. But when ranking the players he’d be well below Walker. I do wonder if the Cards had won the WS in 2004 how much that would’ve helped Walker’s case. He had a terrific postseason that year — especially for a guy nearing the end. Also, as the article mentioned, what if Walker had a defining moment like Fisk’s homerun? I think something that hurts him that isn’t mentioned in the article is that his toughness was questioned his last few years in Colorado. He seemed to have a lot of off days that weren’t spent on the DL. A lot of players will still play when nursing some minor injuries, but it seemed that Walker would not.

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