C418’s new album: 148

I hadn’t heard anything about a new C418 (the incredible German musician who created the Minecraft OST) album since the release of the 0x10c (Notch’s abandoned project after Minecraft)’s soundtrack on Daniel’s bandcamp, until I saw something suspicious on Amazon Music under his artist file…

search of C418 in Amazon Music

What’s that on the right?

That’s right. C418 has a new album called 148.

album cover

It’s due to release December 18, 2015, so be sure to mark your calendars. Lots of songs have a more upbeat tempo and a party-ish feel. It includes some songs with other artists such as Disasterpeace (a famed chiptune-artist), Baiyon (a Japanese visual+music artist), Big Giant Circle (another chiptune/electronic music artist who has worked with C418 before), and Laura Shigihara (a videogame music composer who also worked on Minecraft and also has worked with C418 before).

You can hear 30-second previews of the songs here.


  1. Semantic Satiation
  2. Septic Shock
  3. Seismic Stratigraphy
  4. Droopy Remembers
  5. Kompass (feat. Disasterpeace) → which has already been released on Disasterpeace’s site
  6. 185 (feat. Baiyon)
  7. Jimtention (feat. Big Giant Circles)
  8. Tsuki No Koibumi 2 (feat. Laura Shigihara) → the continuation of the first Tsuki No Koibumi on C418’s album One
  9. Friend
  10. Vierton
  11. Aria Economy (sounds like Minecraft Volume Beta with uptempo elements… very cool)
  12. Biome Party
  13. 481772
  14. Ample Time
  15. Habitual Crush
  16. Divide by Four Add Seven
  17. Round up the Inevitable End
  18. Beta
  19. 814