Think of Luna as the database of interactive intelligence, which utilizes aspiring contributors “similar to wikipedia” but more advanced as the users and devices are the driving force behind the next generation of personal assistants. The community contributes rewarded content to expand our network and information at a rapid and advanced rate. We are a truly open source content delivery system that pushes our ideas to the global WizeBit network.

Multi-layered cybersecurity protocols guard your information on a private server, creating an anonymous user profile on the blockchain.

Blockchains allow us to have a distributed peer-to-peer network where non-trusting members can have verifiable interactions with each other without a trusted intermediary. We will review how this mechanism works and also look into blockchain based, smart contracts — scripts which allow for the automation of multi-step processes.

These smart contracts will be the foundation for a wize marketplace of services between devices that allows cryptographically verifiable, automation of several existing, time-consuming workflows.


Luna adopts blockchain’s cryptographic functions for smart home use, permitting access and transparency for purposes of innovation and monitoring.