Today’s technology looks like this… with Personal Assistant

Today’s technology looks like this: “… what is the forecast for tomorrow?” With this simple query, the breadth of data exposed about you includes- location, age range, salary range, marital Status, number of children, age of children, hobbies, education level, political affiliation, where you work, where you like to shop, where you like to eat, what you do on weekends, and much more. By searching other data profiles it can be inferred who you are married to, who your friends are, what you do together, basically all of the behaviors and idiosyncrasies that make you, you are fully exposed from the seemingly innocuous question- “What is the forecast for tomorrow?” How does a system which takes our information and data, without our permission, be our ‘personal assistant’? The beneficiaries of this data “theft” are the entities who monetize your subconscious content, data, and then monitor, collect and analyze your responses. Even more nefarious is the way these third parties influence our buying patterns to support what ​they​ want us to buy.

Building MY AI — LUNA.

The community will contribute their ideas to help build the foundation of our dynamically content vs other companies that control the content from the top force feeding and selling your information to the bottom. The Wizebit ecosystem is founded on the principle where the community drives adoption of products, technologies and content.

Our first product will be “Luna” which embodies this idea. Luna is your comprehensive privacy guardian and enables you to take control back of your privacy while automating your daily routines. The Luna predictive algorithm enables your personal encrypted profile to be more interactive, having answers to your questions without having to voice any first commands. The Wizebit ecosystem relies on creative design thinking and next-generation approach with respect to user experience.

As previously discussed, the blockchain foundation sets itself apart from other personal digital assistants with reliable stewardship of 11 private and professional information. This means data collected from the “constant listening” status of the Luna (unlike other personal digital assistants) is controlled by the user. No unauthorized use of data is permitted. If you have experience with digital assistants today, you know setup can be cumbersome and device automation is very difficult.

The potential for “life integration” is available, but only after a time consuming, labor intensive setup process. One aspect of “life integration” is the the ability to connect and control physical devices (lights, HVAC, etc). The integration possibilities are enormous, but the amount of setup required can outweigh the benefits and leave users frustrated. With Luna, automating the setup and configuration of connected devices is done in just a few easy steps.

With Wizebit’s Blockchain of Things the tedium and difficulty associated with connected device setup is removed and the promises and prospects of “life integration” become a seamless reality.