The Trip Chapter 10

There’s a strange phenomenon I don’t not like here. Every day after commissary, everyone who hasn’t spoken to you all week wants to talk to you when you return from commissary. I specifically purchased things this week to have enough to have something from now until the day I leave in two weeks. This is the last commissary I will take part in, I purchased three note pads three pens and a case of soup. I was unloading my bag into a Tupperware container to place under my bed and four people approach me asking me what I got from commissary. Short of me telling them it was none of their business, I have to make up an excuse as to why I refuse to give my stuff away.

Not only are people hassling me for soups, begging me for coffee and hot chocolate, now, people are begging me for paper. It’s any excuse to look into my bucket to see what I have. I don’t give away anything. Someone was walking towards me and when they approached they started to ask if I had stuff. I start deflecting every request. I would say things like “ that’s for someone else, can’t give away a soup, I have enough to last me until the day I leave, and more”. He chuckles and states “See, you are learning. Don’t give your stuff away”

I open the window over my bed at night. There is a weird smell in jail. It’s a mix of paint and nasty dude that don’t know how to wash themselves. It’s nasty I understand some of those guys are homeless. However, if they can do drugs while here then they can wash their ass. It’s disgusting. Now, let’s be clear, this is only part of the issue. The department of corrections has some responsibility in the matter. They will give you clean linens, jumpers, two piece uniforms but no clean socks or underwear. You have people here that have been sentenced to one year. They have to do eight months and you have some people that are here for a few days. You either wear a jumper and be naked or were the same undergarments and never wash your ass. A mix smell of ass and feet. Having a window open is kind of a requirement. Back home, I have a fan on me and that fan is right next to an open window. The breeze helps put me to sleep.

I’m listening to Elvis Durand in the morning show they’re interviewing an author. The morning crew ask the author why he writes. He states that it’s therapeutic for him. I have to agree. Not that this will ever go somewhere but this has helped keep me out of trouble.

The captain just toured the unit. It will be a few hours until we see each other again.

I’m tired. I don’t often wake up at 5 AM for anything. I don’t go to bed until 3 AM at home. I’m up by 7 AM, listen to the show while I get the kids ready for school, then do the show at eight. We finish the show by 10 AM and I nap from 10 AM to 2 PM. After that I get the kids and I am up until 3 AM. If I stay up, I’ll sleep well tonight but then again, I could nap and have a normal sleep pattern for tomorrow. I think I’ll try that. I’m sure someone will wake me for lunch. I’ll be back later

I managed to fall asleep for a few hours. Not even that long but I still got some sleep. Tuesday is the only day I can manage to sleep during the day. I normally sleep until 1030 in the morning. Tuesday is commissary day and they make us get up at 5:30 maybe 6 AM if you wish to go to commissary.

I normally nap at home after the show. Speaking of shows, they just turned on Jerry Springer. That I am likely back up for the day, I’ve turned NPR back on my commissary radio. They are discussing the lives lost in 2016 and discussing Prince. They are going to be discussing David Bowie in this segment a little later.

They just called “Keep” only seven of us remain on the unit. Seven people out of the 85 on this unit don’t take drugs. How is this allowed? It appears my idea is catching on. When the entire unit clears out, this shows the city is enabling these addictions.

I hate to say it like this but the drug attics have returned. It was quiet while they were gone. Now it’s loud and aggravating again. I’m jealous of the people who can sleep all day. Then again, it’s likely the drugs. It’s also a smart idea if they wish to ignore the screaming 7 to 3 officer. Maybe I should try to sleep. Lunch is over so no more meal until five or 6:30 PM let’s see if I can sleep.

3 PM Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I slept until 3 PM. Woke up with a bloody nose. I’m not sure why I slept so much today. It’s not like me to sleep like this. It’s not normal for me to have a bloody nose either. I think there is just too much going on and it’s mentally exhausting and to try to avoid it all. A dozen new people have joined the unit.

There is a clear abnormality going on. Let’s talk about this:

There’s a dozen inmates working out, being loud, gambling, making noise and clearly comfortable here. I don’t get it. No one should be comfortable or calm. I am so uncomfortable and on edge constantly. I am always making sure I find ways to stay away from everyone and any form of drama. I don’t want my name attached to anything that will cause me to get in trouble and stay here any longer than I should have to be.

An officer just conducted mail call. It’s a good thing I had on my mail stopped. I had mail sent since the first day I got here. I have mail mark as sent on 26 November. That mail arrived the second week of December. I had to remind the captains and everyone else to check the mailroom. I don’t understand why I have to fight for my mail but people can smuggle drugs and get drugs handed to them.

There is a few idiots trying to close the windows. They refuse to believe that the window crank is no good.

We just finished dinner and after I get back to my bed, someone came over complaining that they were cold and wanted me to close the window. This is the second time in about an hour. I’ve been on this unit the longest and should have the respect as such but that won’t happen. I am the wrong demographic. I got a little irritated because if all the windows are closed, people of body odor are more noticeable and this provokes fights. If one open window prevent fights-crisis averted.

However, you better believe that when they want to smoke and 15 people crowd around, they will open windows. Let a white guy open the window to prevent fights and lingering body odors, I’m the one that is forced to close the window.

It’s close to bedtime. I guess I will continue this tomorrow. It’s been a strange day. Sleeping all day means that I will not sleep well tonight. We shall see I guess.