The Trip- Chapter 11

I knew this would be a weird night. It was a group of guys joking around all night making a bit of noise and being fools. Someone took things a bit too far and through a bar of soap at another inmate. The bar of soap missed the intended target, ricocheted of a window and hit someone who was sleeping. This has resulted in all the lights being turned back on at what is now 11 PM still Tuesday
It’s times like this that I hate being on this unit. When someone (or a few inmates) managed to get the entire unit punished by having lights turned on or having the entire unit locked- down because they can’t help but act like idiots. Someone even took responsibility for throwing the soap. The person that was it has now calm down the situation has deescalated but we have to continue being punished.
The correctional officer just announced that the lights will remain on until the captain walks. It is just now shift change so that means the captain will not walk for another few hours. I guess the lights will stay on for now. That’s the nature of the prison mentality I suppose. Punish all and punish all. Everyone is now awake doing their own thing. It might be time to be in bed with the lights on we will rebel.
Some people are awake and talking, others are just chatting like nothing even happened. Some people are trying to sleep while others just lay in the bed staring into space contemplating their own thoughts.
I hope this doesn’t lead to another shake down tomorrow. I’m sure that this will lead to miss Dennis the 7–3 tour, to yell at us and annoy everyone while being screechy and obnoxious for no reason. I feel like this will be the reason she will take away the hot pot. This means no hot chocolate, soups or coffee. That may sound trivial and pointless but again when you had no part of the trouble and you’re being punished it sucks. I am planning on avoiding that tour if I can. Maybe as long as I sleep, I can avoid her.

It’s a little after 2 AM. Time to try to go back to sleep.

9:55 A.m. Wednesday, December 14, 2016
I woke up to the usual loud talking and the fact that the sun was right in my face. I stretched for about 5 to 10 minutes and get up. I grab my toothpaste toothbrush and shuffled to the bathroom and brush my teeth
I was not able to breathe through my nose either last night or this morning. After waking up and collecting my thoughts, the yelling started. Dennis packed up everyone involved in the issue last night. Anyone that was too loud, causing the issues, being anything but quiet were all packed up to be moved to another unit. About 14 people total are packed up this morning. We are all going to be made to shuffle forward in the unit so we can be seen and not take up so much space.
We are kinda happy to see them go. Today, we saw the investigation division of the NYCD. I’m assuming they are the internal affairs division. In New York, if you call 311 you can launch an investigation if you were mistreated. I noticed a strange thing happened, though. As soon as internal affairs arrived on the unit, Dennis stopped screaming.
It was just a strange anomaly. She was the nicest person I’ve ever heard her be. She addressed every question, comment, and concern people brought her way. As soon as they left she started yelling again. They did not talk to anyone while they were here. They went to the bathroom so one can only assume this was a complaint about hot water.
If this is true or not I can understand the complaint. You have to run the water in all the sinks for 20 minutes before the water gets hot and stays hot enough to get a shower. Again, if an inmate calls 311, they can make a report. Anything can be reported and complained about. I’m sure they don’t take many and much has to be fabricated for them to arrive. Just strange to see them here.
3:06 Pm
I managed to take a nap for a while. Not sure why I am so tired recently. I know I’m going to regret this nap later today when it’s time to sleep. I won’t be able to sleep tonight.
We waited forever for lunch today. I hope we don’t have to wait so long for dinner. People were getting clearly irritated and many fell asleep. The anticipation and hunger got the best of us.
Something strange is going on. Last night he made a point not to give away any commissary unless the person that was my name. Someone just approached me and asked for some sugar for the coffee and called my name. Just surprises me. I am not comfortable with my name being tossed around this unit. The fewer people that know, the better. I’m not OK with this. Not at all. Now imagine someone gets in trouble. These people don’t even speak English. Imagine they get busted for contraband. They mention my name now I’ll be on someone’s radar for no reason.
5 P.M
I’m angry. On the inside of the bathroom door, there is no handle. Instead, the inside the bathroom door has bolts that come out about 1 inch. In the last three weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve just cut my arm for the fifth time
“We put a work order in” They told me.
What good does that do you know? I know that there’s a process. I understand. However, they can take months, years or more. They have to pay for people to fix it or shave it down or whatever work needs to be done. I’ll be long gone before that is fixed. I know that I am not the only one to get cut and bleed.
What bothers me the most is I’ve seen drug attic’s vomiting all over the bathroom, and the toilet, in the sinks and more. No bleach is used to clean it. Just mopped by pushing dirty water around. These people don’t even wash their hands. On top of that, they don’t let us use the alcohol pads that we can see.
Dennis is doing a double today so any request to her is unacceptable plus, they want me to do a sick call request for my cut and bleeding arm. I refuse to do a sick call. I will not wait in a cell from 6 AM to 9 AM waiting for the medical team to arrive. This is bullshit. I believe that if an inmate is getting harmed on something they need to fix it immediately. A “work order” is a garbage excuse. I cannot wait to leave this place. 13 days. I am counting down the days now.
8 PM.
Someone has been discharged. It sucks watching people go when it’s not you. We are doing a count and we all have to hit our beds. People have gotten out of the shower, reading books before bed, relaxing, watching tv all so they can sleep tonight. There are two people to my left talking but I have headphones on. I cannot hear them and I like it that way. None of my business.
The dude hit with the soap last night is still here. He seems like a good guy. He plays in a band and likes classic rock music. I’m hungry. I hate being hungry
I have still not decided what I will do with this story. I may post it to medium, word press, the Moth, or somewhere else. I’m not sure if I will post the entire thing or maybe a chapter at a time to see if this gains interest. I’m not saying it will become a bestseller but everyone seems to think people will like it.
Apparently, (according to the people that have read this) some inmates believe readers will enjoy the perspective from an inmate view of the inside of a prison. I also have shared the information for the morning show. Maybe people will share it with others
Inmates that have her the entire story of my trip believe that this will make the morning show more popular. I don’t know if it will or not. I do know that the few guards I’ve told about the show have listened. They ask me about everyone on the show. Maybe if I can keep sharing information with people, the show, and the station will get bigger. Eric says when I come back it’s right to business.
It’s bedtime here, good night.

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