The Trip- chapter 5

After having my mug shot and fingerprints taken, I was asked to walk back into the room with the benches and tables. This time I noticed something different. This time I noticed handcuffs. Every bench had a pair of handcuffs attached to the table that accompanied it. The handcuffs were attached to the table with a quarter- inch thick chain link weld through the middle. This chain was welded to a small steel plate embedded in the table. I was asked to sit on the bench and had my hands restricted in cuffs again.

It was pain in my right wrist and it was quite irritating. The 10 minutes it took to get a mug shot and fingerprints, without handcuffs, did not help. The pain ran through my fingertips and I made a fist to stop the pain.

Again, I was asked a bunch of questions. Questions about height, weight, marital status, if I’ve ever served in the military and again with my mothers maiden name. “ Why is this so important? I asked. “ Please -just answer the questions” he replied.

After all the questioning I thought it would be my turn to ask questions.

“ what’s going to happen now “I asked

“Basically, you’ll have to go to Brooklyn. Looks like you missed court six years ago September 2010. So you will have to wait here until the city sends someone to get you. I reached out to them and they said they should be here by 4:30 PM” he replied.

“It’s only 10:30 AM. I have to sit here until they get here? I don’t understand” I rebutted.

“ yes” he said. “ there isn’t much you need to understand. What I don’t understand is who you pissed off so badly that they called us and turned you in” he stated.

“ I couldn’t imagine who, right this second. I work in the morning radio show. We offend someone every morning. You need to be a bit more specific” I said, sarcastically

“That’s not something I can share with you. It was an anonymous phone call. That’s for you to figure out “he replied.

It was at this time he wish me luck with my case and walked out the door.

Another officer came in the door. He handed me a small unmarked Styrofoam cup with a plastic lid and an oval shape sandwich. This turned out to be lunch. Black coffee and a roast beef sandwich.

Who the hell did this? Why would they do this? Is this an attack on me personally or an indirect attack to the station?

“ where did the light go” I thought. I had sat there so there is still that the sensor of the room had thought the room was empty. That was not hard to imagine. I was handcuffed to a fucking table. Where would I go? I can see clearly into a room. I couldn’t tell if this is a breakroom or what it was. Chairs lined around the room. Several police officer sitting next to one another. They had their backs turned to me. They had to be three maybe five of them. They all had coffee in their hands. I was looking through one-way glass. They had no idea I could see them.

They sat there laughing and talking to one another. There was a cork board with multiple papers attached to it. One cop sat up on the desk with the computer screen to his right. Maybe this role call. It could be just the break room. Either way I felt like I was spying on the enemy. I wondered what they could be talking about. Do they have a big case they will solve today? Am I the worst thing Suffolk County Police Department had ever seen?

The light came back on. I was so deep in thought that I had never heard the buzzing of the door unlocking. The light hurts my eyes. I can no longer see inside the break room anymore.

The police have brought another “ prisoner” I knew what he was about to go through. He was fingerprinted, photographs, searched and question. He was at handcuffed to the table at another bench, I asked the police officer “ What time is it? “ 12:45 PM “he stated, as he left the room.

How long have I been here? The adrenaline of being arrested had started wearing off. Time is slowing down. I know this all started at 7 AM that’s what time the show starts. I walked in at about 815 and the police came at about 9:15 AM. Have I really been here for 3 1/2 hours already.

What will happen next? Does anyone know what’s going on with me? How will I explain this to everyone?

The new “ inmate” they so generously called this other guy, was released from his handcuffs/bench combination and had both hands cuffed behind his back.

I sat there alone again. Although there is truly no comparison, this was the closest thing to solitary confinement I have ever experienced. This sucks. Nothing shocks the mind more than silence and solitude. You’re allowed to think. You have no way of stopping your mind from seeking an answer. The only thing I could think about was “Who had called and told them?” I had an idea. Everyone was running through my mind as a possibility. A listener? A family member? A show host? Who?

Again the light goes out. I chuckled to myself. I literally haven’t moved. I can see inside the break room again. No one was there this time. Speaking of time I can see a clock it’s only 1:30 PM.

Aw, C’Mon! The time is going by so slowly. Maybe if I take a nap, time will go by quicker.

The light comes back on again. An Officer asked me if I’d like to go into a cell so I don’t have to be handcuffed to the table anymore. That sounds like a great idea but why should I bother? They should be here shortly to get me. I declined. The officer walks out of the room. As the door closed I hear him tell someone “he said no “the door opens again he has returned.

“Are you sure? You’ll be able to stretch out and you won’t be cuffed to the table anymore” as a 6 foot tall individual, being able to stretch sounded good. Plus — I won’t be stuck in the same position and I be able to move around. I reconsidered.

“Ok, I’ll go” i said

My handcuffs were removed. I stood there for a moment. I was not able to stand up fully since I was handcuffed to the table. I hadn’t been able to use the bathroom on my own since being handcuffed to the table.


“ yeah, what about em’” I said sharply.

“ you can’t have them in the holding cell. You are not permitted to have the strings. You also cannot have your hoodie” he informed me .

“ wait, my hoodie does not have a string in it. They took that from me hours ago. You took my belt, shirt, hoodie strings, now you want my shoes. Am I required to be naked in the cell because if that’s the case I don’t want to go anymore” I said angrily

“No” he said calmly “ you don’t have to be naked. Don’t be a wiseass. If it can be used to hang yourself, you cannot have it” the officer explained.

“I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t wear my knee-high tube socks today” I sarcastically replied. I am the only one who found that funny.

He led me to a cell and yelled for the controller to close the heavy mechanical door. The door shut with a loud “clang” that echoed through my cell and through the tiny Hallway.

This was false advertising. Yes, I can stand and yes, I am not cuffed to a table but I cannot stretch. The cell is about 4 feet wide maybe 5 feet wide. It was only 4 feet deep 1 foot for the bench that was about 2 feet off the ground and connected to the ground. I cannot lay down without kicking something or having a body part contorted into a failed attempt to be comfortable

I had to lay down. I am freezing. Why is it always so cold? The cold steel bench. Cold pale painted bricks, black bars, steal toilet/Sink combination this place sucks so bad. This place is better if I have to be optimistic. I am no longer attached to a table by handcuffs that are stabbing me in the wrists. I have to make do with what I have. I can’t see the negative. I have to try to relax. This really can’t get much worse at this point. The people should be here soon to get me.

After watching some people come and go, sitting in darkness watching the police enjoy time together, losing my boots, called a wise ass and more I realize the police have a job to do. I am grateful for the cell. I know they could have left me attach to the table. Let’s hope this respect stays the same for this experience however long it may be.

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