Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

A good story. Thanks. As a long time Bay Area and Berkeley resident we were lucky, lucky, lucky enough to have bought a home with another couple 30+ years ago (they later moved east — hooray) and couldn't possibly afford to return to Berkeley now. I now wonder whether all of the hundreds of apartments finally being build in the East Bay after so many years of no building will end up as the article indicated. If so, the fact that “Airbnb isn’t the only reason for the local housing crisis, but it is a reason” will make Airbnb a much bigger reason that it was and is. By the way, I read or heard that one of the reasons Uber is building out the old closed Sears is because most of their engineers and programmers can’t afford SF any longer. I do have friends and neighbors who rented out rooms in their apartments and houses but I wonder if, indeed, the hedge and corp. money has found another cash cow to exploit — like foreclosures.

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