All unaffiliated groups should consider joining together under an umbrella organization with a very clear distinction from WM Inc.. March On is a formidable organization, a 501(c)4 that has been doing exceptional work since Wruble left WM Inc. and founded March On, a vastly diverse empowered network working tirelessly for the original goals of the women’s march in 2017. It seems logical any organization not associated with WM Inc. should be merged under the March On umbrella.

Their work speaks for itself:
👏 https://www.wearemarchon.org/declaration/
👏 https://www.wearemarchon.org/families-belong-together/
👏 https://www.wearemarchon.org/endorsements/
👏 https://www.wearemarchon.org/50-miles-more/
👏 https://www.wearemarchon.org/operation-marching-orders/
👏 https://www.wearemarchon.org/weekend-of-women/
👏 https://medium.com/marchrootsissue1
👏 https://www.wearemarchon.org/alabama/

March On’s board is comprised mostly of original state leaders who created local marches in 2017 and left WM Inc. long ago. March On, in actuality and personnel, is the foundation upon which our movement was initially built. Those who were kicked out, written out, locked out of their social media accounts by WM Inc., found a home a long time ago at March On. We suggest honoring their work by joining them.

We feel at this point, it is imperative to get mainstream media press and visibility to help brand recognition and draw distinction between Women’s March Inc. and March On. At the same time, local and/or state groups should organize their own marches making it clear that they are under the #MarchOn umbrella.

This means graphics, logos, hashtags, etc. in some manner, even as a stamp on your state march banner or event page, to signify affiliation with March On. Their beautiful graphics are also available to all affiliates and can be customized with the city/state name.

We bring this up tonight because it has come to our attention that the same issues we have been dealing with here in the US have occurred in very much the same way in Canada. Read this statement to understand what Canadian women have been dealing with: https://www.facebook.com/ShannanL/posts/10212082150599418 along with this statement by Women March On: Toronto.

March On Canada is Lethbridge March On Solidarity Collective, March On Edmonton Collective, March On Montreal • Marchons Montréal, Women March On: Toronto, March On — Vancouver, March On Halifax
Let’s welcome #MarchOnCanada https://marchoncanada.ca

Bianca Spence
This movement belongs to everyone. Here’s what the organizers in Toronto have to say:

Women March On: Toronto Statement

March with your local groups listed here and let us know about ones we might’ve missed!

Sister March Map: http://womensmarch2019.com
Sister March Events: https://facebook.com/pg/2019WomensMarch/events/