WoMen For All 2019

We honor Holocaust Remembrance Day with action

Survivors are still alive. For the sake of those still among us and those who were taken, ensure that Holocaust education is part of the state and federal laws of your nation. ‘Never Again’ is the active commitment to educate and communicate.

WoMen For All is pursuing New York State adopting an official definition and framework of Antisemitism. Part of our team is pursuing South Carolina adopting the official definition and framework of Antisemitism.

WoMen For All is committed to raising awareness for the United States to ratify the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) and CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women), adopt federally standardized stalking laws, outlaw gender conversion therapy and adopt GENDA (Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act) at the federal level.

Warm regards,

WoMen For All

January 27, 2019