Women Win with a Broad Base of Support

Women Win when they have a broad base of support and trust. 2019 is all about returning leadership and emphasis to localities — towns, cities and states where #WomenLeaders know the complexities of their own communities. Women Win when they manage the immediate demands within an active sisterhood that’s supported by local groups radiating from all directions.

2016 revealed how patriarchy has negatively impacted our nation and the planet, and we decided to do something about it. We also witnessed how a top-down patriarchal structure effected the women’s movement. Demanding loyalty and silence from female led communities across the globe without financially supporting and acknowledging the work done by those women is the essence of patriarchy’s oppression. #WomensMarch is a failed experiment in top-down, no-trickle-down status and, like trickle-down economics, it serves only those at the top.

This year women will break away from the top-down philosophy, and will work with a broad-based coalition to improve the lives of all women. This is the philosophy of WoMen For All and Women’s March Alliance, affiliates of the March On network. #MarchOn was founded by an original architect and visionary of the 2017 DC post-inaugural women’s march that launched the 2nd global women’s revolution, Vanessa Wruble. Join the March On network across the USA, Canada and EU here: https://www.wearemarchon.org/network/

“We are, March On! No need to explain, the work speaks for itself. We will continue to do the work that changes the political landscape of this country.” Jamilia Land