There’s no such thing as a Free Lunch, just normal Washington Meltdowns

In an age of absurdity, a reminder that normality was equally childish

Besty DeVos, Human raisin and most likely to be cast as Skeleator in a live action He Man movie, has very recently been in the news again. Quite a feat given in the short time in Trump’s administration the press has either whined about being owned and insulted by the president or actually covered real horrifying things Trump has set in motion. You know terrible things like the start up to mass deportations of illegal immigrants, including ones on their deathbeds thanks to tumors or other deadly conditions or single parents of their young American children, the botched military raids killing American servicemen and Yemeni civilians like a small girl, and saying Campbell makes good soup.

But somehow she managed it and through the seemingly harmless and dumbest way possible: Getting Mad Online (but in real life) over Bernie Sanders drilling her during her Senate Confirmation hearing.

I could link to a youtube video or CNN article, but why fucking bother? It was one of a dozen clips that went viral of establishment Republican officials finally being subject to the questioning and treatment they deserved for decades. Sure it came from a tantrum of Trump winning and selecting officials like Bannon that beltway liberals and centrists couldn’t actually touch or challenge but who cares? Even her philosophy of privatization is the type of Republican orthodoxy that had been making headway for years, and is championed by stooges on the Democratic side of the fence like Rahb Emmanuel, Corey Brooker, and even professional clowns like Deray. We got a few seconds of a satisfaction as Warren and Sanders famously ripped into her, and all she could say in response was a weak cliche that barely passes muster for explaining away bad restaurant and bar promotional gimmicks: There is no such thing as a “Free Lunch”

Governments function is provide and care for it’s people. To create “Free Lunches’ is the point. You are provided a police force and military to protect you. You are given roads as a means to go from point A and B. You are supposed to have access to healthcare and public schooling. It’s to provide a system so we don’t rape, murder, and rob one another for our needs. The most basic of basic social contracts “Let’s all pitch in so we don’t all die from each other”

Of course to those of us who have inherited great wealth by ways of hotdog fortunes or running slums, they hate being reminded it’s through the continued existence and aid of large institutions they weren’t eaten by the mass horde.That they were bailed out fiscally themselves or through lineage their parents. The myth that their profit making method is more efficient when that profit only exists by cutting jobs or selling shares of your enterprise to people dumber than even you.

Of course being told this by Senator Sanders, or the dude who looks like your grumpy grandfather who trash talks the current state of the Bears during Thanksgiving, is humiliating. Likewise is knowing deep down your answers aren’t actually going over well and your job only came about because your boss barely won a victory over a dumb asshole who shits and vomits over herself because water isn’t good enough for her refined palate.

Worse, it’s even more unpopular than you can possibly imagine. With in weeks you can’t even do the basics of your victory tour because people refuse to let you into the schools you plan on closing down one way or another. Hell there is so much dysfunction in your party that despite having every card in the deck in your hand, you still might not get around to doing anything but the most token gestures of getting your goals accomplished before you get booted out.

So what do you do? Well the only thing you can do really. People give Trump a lot of shit and act surprised by when he rants and makes a fool of himself on twitter but every politician does it. Just in a more chickenshit, politely veiled manner. Throw a tantrum at a political foe or outsider and talk about how not mad you are. Trump complains about SNL ratings on twitter and they do the equivalent of going CPAC or some other conservative circle jerk to get reassurances that you were not the one in fact owned for thirty minutes.

The only thing odd about this that it was noticed. Very little attention was applied to this type of meltdown in the previous White House or would be White House predecessors. Very little is said about Clinton’s or her staff’s backhanded swipes at Sanders and Obama after the election. Even less still about congressional republicans during the Romney 2012 loss and their vague reassurances to themselves then. Is Trump’s childishness a new, clearer lens for ordinary people to view these fucking weirdos who ran America?